Greener Shipping Boxes For Pro Standard GoPro Accessories

As everything I love and my way of life relies on snow and water. I've always been super sensitive to the footprint that Pro Standard is leaving behind. I recently switched to a greener manufacturer for all the 360 Quick Connect parts. It increased our costs 30% but I figured that you have to put your money where your mouth is or nothing is going to change.

Pro Standard The Best New GoPro Accessory greener shipping boxes

When it comes to greener than before, one thing I'm really proud of our shipping boxes. Last year as I was working on 360 Quick Connect, I was trying to figure out how to not use so much damn cardboard in the shipping boxes. Every time I got something from Amazon it killed me how overpacked and over protected the item was.

Pro Standard Grill Mount Mouth Mount For GoPro Box

As I ate my leftovers from El Furniture Warehouse restaurant, I looked closer at the EarthPak box I was eating from and realized that the Grill Mount would nest perfectly into the box.  The box is lighter that a usual shipping box so I can ship two mounts for the price of one, so it saves on gas as well. The custom wrapped label features Chris Monroe aka @beefsofficial @catchsurf on the side. 

It makes me laugh as well since it's basically a Chinese food take out box, and the Grill Mount is made in China with food grade polycarbonate and EVA. So technically it's still Chinese food in the box.

I was so stoked. Laughs achieved and problem solved .

Pro Standard Shipping Box

When it was time to design the box for the 360 Quick Connect system, I designed it to fit in the next size up box that I had been using to ship two Grill Mounts for the price of one. The 360 Quick Connect box nests perfectly into the box and the USPS small shipping box.

Pro Standard Grill Mount Box. Buy two get free shipping on the second one.


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