The reviews keep coming in. People are loving their Grill Mount.

"The Grill Mount is the single overall greatest mount ever made for a GoPro" 

Kris Jamieson - GoPro Global Education and Training Manager





"The Best New GoPro Accessory Out There"

Mountain Life Magazine Editors Pick - 360 Quick Connect GoPro Mount
"The best new GoPro accessory out there. Designed by Whistler local and Canadian snowboard legend, Ken Achenbach, this mount eliminates the pain-in-the-ass factor that plagues the GoPro bolt system. The easy-to-use clip-mount and cleat system lets you swap mounts in 2-3 seconds. Which means more variety in your shots and better edits. There is also a rotational system and ruler-like markings on the unit so you can exactly duplicate previous camera angles without guesswork. It's awesome because it makes sense. " Feet Banks - Editor, Mountain Life Magazine

Pro Standard 360 Quick Connect GoPro Mounting System deemed "The Best New GoPro Accessory"


Pro Standard Grill Mount getting heat molded in a capucino


The Best GoPro Mouth Mount

GoPro Tips and Tricks dropped this review, and he calls the Pro Standard Grill Mount the best GoPro mouth mount. 

"One Of My Three Favorite GoPro Accessories"

GRill Mount - One of the three favorite GoPro Accessories

Nigel Raynard, the founder of Unique Images Australia - One of the premiere GoPro specialty stores in the world calls the Grill Mount one of his three favorite GoPro accessories . If you live in Australia, definitely check them out. Amazing service and they ship GoPro's and Grill Mounts anywhere. calls the Pro Standard Grill Mount one of the Best GoPro Mounts for 2015


Alastair Humphries
Adventurer, author and motivational speaker

"This is now the only GoPro mount / accessory I take with me when I'm hiking, biking or on the water. Versatile, simple, reliable. Excellent. And handy as a tripod too."

Click to check out his adventures. You will be motivated.


Alastair Humphries uses the Pro Standard Grill Mount



Pro Kiteboarder and vlogger Jake Kelsick call the Grill  Mount "Hands down the most used piece of my GoPro kit.  

Kitesurfer Jake Jelsick uses the Pro Standard Grill Mount GoPro mouth mount to film his amazing kitesurfing POV footage.

Professional Adventure Racer Kyle Peter on and why he loves the Grill Mount.



Glen Thurston - Pro Bodyboarder - Ulladulla, Australia

Pro Bodyboarder Glen Thurston uses the Pro Standard Grill Mount for is bodyboarding GoPro adventures

The Best Design On The Market
"The best GoPro mouth mount design on the market. Super simple, easy to breathe and I have surfed without a tether a bunch of times in some hectic slabs. Haven't even come close to losing it. I can still talk and function normally, unlike other brands that take over your mouth like a snorkel. "
Glen Thurston

Top Must Have GoPro Accessories - The Grill Mount


Pro Kitesurfer Jake Kelsick

A Far Superior Mount
"A couple of our surf-guides have the Grill Mounts and loved 'em. Not only have we had a stack of guests bring their own Grill Mounts but on a couple of occasions we've had guys bring those clunky snorkel fitting ones and I've given them a go with the Grill Mount and they've agreed that yours are far superior."

Paul Clark, Owner, Pitstop Hill, Mentawais

Best Mouth Mount Out There!
"I've used countless other mouth mounts and everyone of them broke within the first 2 weeks, the Pro Standard Grill Mount lasted me for 6 months until it saved all my teeth on a dry reef wipeout where I went face first into the reef!! Best mount out there!!"
Ben Lawrence

A Better Mouth Mount

"I'm much keener on my new and better Grill Mount. I had a Dummy Mount, it was not the greatest and pretty expensive, it let water in through the breathing hole and actually almost made me throw up one time duck diving cause the water went straight to the back of my throat. My Dummy Mount smashed me in the face and broke my nose."
Ben Farrell - Australia

The Grill Mount Is Amazing

"The Grill Mount is amazing. Surfing with it was so unreal, it was like it wasn't even there... and that was before I molded it. Now... it's 10 times better. The best GoPro mouth mount ever."
Rob Morrow - San Clemente 

Coolest Mount I've Bought
"Really cool little bite mount. I really like the slim design and versatility of it. Very comfortable to use after heat moulding the EVA pads, and it doesn't effect breathing one bit. The design is very sturdy and once I custom fitted it to my bite there's no chance of it slipping out. The eva pads also retain the mould of my teeth so no having to re-mould every time I use it, and I can just reheat it if I need to change the mould. VERY VERY COOL!"
Thomas - Pittsburgh, PA

Love it. Have been using this every session since getting it. At first I was spectacle about how much it would affect my air intake before a duck dive. Glad to say these guys did their research, No problems getting a full breath in a heavy situation. I love the mold to my teeth it makes the mouth 100x more comfortable. Compared to other mouth mounts which use a snorkel mask style I like The Pro Standard because it allows me to talk with little obstruction. I've had sessions with friends with other mouth mounts and I always see them taking theirs out to talk where mine just stays put with no problem. Excellent product, would defiantly recommend. Some videos posted on instagram @dylanleon
Dylan Leon - San Diego 


"The Grill Mount is the best way to go, hands down. Easy to breath, duck dive, hold when getting thrashed around, and even talk (well sorta). There really is no better angle for footage while surfing. I set up a leash attached to my upper arm so no worries even if I do let it go. In general just a good mount to have around. Well worth the $$. Thanks Pro Standard."

E-Doggie - Sebastian, FL

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome Product
"This mouth mount is the bees knees. No more sore jaw from having to constantly bite down, hard, on the backdoor floaty. Being able to breathe, spit, and talk (kind of hah) while paddling out is awesome. And as a surprise bonus, I learned I could clamp/close the mount with the GoPro on the chest flap of my suit, for when I'm not using the cam. Way better than having to slide it into the board mount just to focus on paddling and not worrying about the cam. Best accessory I've bought for my GoPro hands down."
Andrew Bui - Orange, CA 

Best GoPro Accessory On The Market
"I use my GoPro for EVERYTHING and had been wanting to change up how I shot surf footage. As soon as I saw that Pro Standard was coming out with the Grill Mount I was sold. Definitely worth the wait for it to come out! Have been having a blast shooting surf with it and how easy it is to use in the water. I look forward to using it for much much more! Thanks Pro Standard for coming out with such an amazing product!"

Chris Hauswirth - California

"Excellent product, I'm a bodyboarder and this product is perfect, it lets my hands free to maneuver the board."
Marcelo Lima - Brazil

Best Mount Ever

"This is the best mount I have ever invested in. When I first bought the mount, I expected to be more cautious when going for waves, but it turned out using the mount made me more confident in the ocean! Easy to use and definitely worth it."
Daniel McEvoy - Australia 


Perfect For Mountain Biking
I actually use it for mountain biking. It provides the perfect mount for two reasons. First, when you do use it your natural head stability and the location of the mount provide fantastic vibration control as well as the perfect view of the trail in front of you and the bike below you. Second, due to the fact that it isn't reasonable to have this mount in your mouth for an extended period of time it is the perfect mount to pull out of your pack, film a 30 second section of awesome trail and then put the camera away. It helps me get back to simply enjoying my ride while still grabbing some great footage here and there. Also, it packs up small, the rubber cushions are easy to conform to your specific bite pattern, and it has a built in hex nut well, so it is very easy to ratchet down tight. I attached a screenshot depicting the view while I ride my mountain bike.
Connor Phelan
Almost Perfect
"I really like the mouth mount. It is very comfortable and fits well in the mouth. I can breathe well with the mount fully inserted."
Nick - USA

All products should be this simple.
"Works great while surfing. Very low to zero mouth fatigue—the custom mold allows me to use less force to keep it secure when biting or releasing. Breathing is very easy with this mount. Lightweight—easy to travel with."
Michael - USA