Custom Fitting Your Grill Mount

The ability to custom mold your Grill Mount to your teeth is a unique design feature that only the Grill Mount has. Taking the minute to custom fit your Grill Mount to your teeth makes the the fit and performance 100 times better. It's what makes the Grill Mount so comfortable and locked in when things get hectic.

 Molding Your Grill Mount In 45 Seconds or 3 Instagram Videos

Step One - Dry Fitting

  • Mount your GoPro with the Floaty Backdoor attached, to your Grill Mount.
  • Place your Grill Mount in your mouth.
  • Bite down on the red EVA tabs.
  • Move the Grill Mount around until you find where it feels comfortable for you.

Step Two - Heating The EVA Bite Tabs

  • Place the red tabs of your Grill Mount into boiling water for 45 seconds.
  •  Let cool slightly until it's safe to put it in your mouth.
  • If you snatched your Grill Mount from your mailbox and then went straight for a surf, stick the red tabs in your hot coffee for a couple minutes while you are checking the surf, then continue to Step Three.

Step Three - Custom Fitting

  • Put the Grill mount back into the position you liked when you dry fitted it.
  • Bite down with medium hard pressure to mold the EVA to your teeth.
  • Hold your bite pressure for 30 seconds while the EVA cools and forms to your teeth.
  • If you don't like the fit, or you bit down too hard and bit through to the polycarbonate core of the mount, reheat and redo. You can re-fit the mount almost forever.

Step Four - Enjoy

  • Once you've had a few surfs, click on the reviews tab and let us know how you like it.
  • If you're posting to social media, drop a @theprostandard or #grillmount shout out or tag on your post to get us stoked.
  • We wish we could do something epic every day, but honestly, we sit in front of computers and or spend too much time staring into our glowing anti-social phone and would love to see what lucky people in the real world are doing. :-)
  • Thanks, Ken