Lifetime Warranty

All Pro Standard GoPro accessories have a Lifetime Warranty

We're so sure that you'll love our GoPro mounts and accessories that we offer a lifetime warranty for when you love our products to death.

If you ever have an issue with any Pro Standard product, let me know. Email me  main(at) or phone us +1-604-966-7640 and we will get you sorted and stoked faster than you would believe. 




Holy Carbonate by Pro Standard Go Pro Accessories


While we were creating the Pro Standard product line, one of our big “things” that we wanted was durability. We were so tired of breaking mounts. Especially since when a mount breaks it’s usually when something great is going on, so we’d miss capturing the moment. Unsatisfied with everything we tried, we were almost ready to go with CNC’d aluminum. Then Craig Gauld, our engineer, in combination with our plastic supplier, came up with the formulation of Holycarbonate.

Holycarbonate has the durability of aluminum, but the lightness of plastic. It has innate flexibility required to keep from shattering and the strength to go back to it’s original shape after taking a hit or being stressed. It was everything we were looking for and more.


Holycarbonate gives us insanely durable parts. The extra cost for a virtually unbreakable part is worth the money spent. Holycarbonate parts cost more than conventional plastic GoPro parts but less than aluminum.