The Grill Mount Multi-Function Mouth Mount

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"The Grill Mount is the single overall greatest camera mount of all time"

Kris Jamieson - GoPro Global Director of Education and Training 

The patented multi-function Grill Mount is the sleek, ultra light hand grip, GoPro tripod, Wall Mount, Hook Mount, Clamp Mount and Mouth Mount designed by professional photographer, filmmaker and snowboard legend Ken Achenbach to live on your GoPro and fit in your pocket. It's the only mouth mount that allows you to use the Voice Control function on the GoPro Hero 5 Black and GoPro Hero 5 Session. Users, including the Director of Global Education and Training at GoPro who calls it "The Best GoPro Mount Ever" and "The Only Mount You Really Need"

The Grill Mount Mouth Mount. The only mouth mount that lets you use the voice control feature of the GoPro Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 Session


Design Features

    • The only mouth mount that allows you to use the voice activation features of the GoPro Hero 5
    • Use as a mouth mount and shoot like the pros.
    • Heat the red EVA tabs in hot water for a custom fit.
    • Normal breathing; talking and airflow. The only mouth mount with an airway that seals completely when you go underwater.
    • Surf, skateboard, bodyboard, fish, mountain bike, BMX, climb, ride rollercoasters, SUP, jetski, kayak, canoe, and film your adventures.
    • Hold the world’s smallest, lightest handgrip multiple ways. With your hand, or hold it with just one finger. 2.4”/61mm tall and only 0.67oz/19grams.
    • Even with your GoPro attached it fits easily into pockets.
    • Used as a tripod the red feet provide grip on uneven surfaces.
    • Get instantly stable shots by hooking it over chairs, branches, fences and more. The world is your oyster and tripod.
    • Stop guessing your shot when you position your GoPro. Use Cam Perfect Positioning® for exact repeatable camera positions.
    • Get flowing butter smooth footage using your head…it’s a natural 3-axis gimbal.
    • The Grill Mount is protected by Patent 9,395,603 B2.

CLICK HERE to find out more design specs that will show you why the Grill Mount is the pros choice as the best mouth mount for GoPro cameras.

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