Chin Mount Rad Mod Upgrade

Chin Mount Rad Mod Upgrade

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With a 360 Quick Connect Chin Mount Rad Mod Upgrade on your chin mount, a quick twist is all you need to do to change from shooting landscape to shooting vertical. Works with every kind of chin mount and every type of camera.

 Quick release your camera on and off your helmet. Never again have to mess with a mounting bolt or have to "fix the orientation later."

Straight up chin mounts like the Motoradds Flex are great - if you're only shooting for YouTube. Want to shoot vertical for social media? Without a Rad Mod Upgrade, you'd have to stop your ride, take your helmet off, go into the settings of your camera, switch to vertical, put the camera back on the mount, put your helmet back on your head and start shooting. Safe to say you've missed the moment. You need a Rad Mod Upgrade.

Put a 360 Quick Connect Rad Mod Upgrade on your chin mount. Go ride. There isn't a better system out there.

HOLYCARBONATE - Our proprietary polycarbonate plastic formula
Our proprietary polycarbonate plastic formula that we call "Holycarbonate" is designed to flex on impacts instead of shatter. It's also "sticky" when it's in contact with our plastic so you don't have to crank the rotational tension as tight as you would if it was made with other plastics. Think of the tension like the tension on your brake levers. You want them "almost" tight so they can move when needed.

Micro-Adjustable Rotational Tension
Put the 360 Quick Connect 2 Tine Connector on any GoPro style mount and change the rotational tension using the micro adjust rotational tension knob on the 360 Quick Connect Camera Mount. 

Shooting Tips

Tilt your camera up
Your chin is down on street bikes and level on cruisers. So set the 2 Tine Connector to be pointing up at about 40 º.

Set the horizon lock on your camera.

Stop Recording. Rotate. Start Recording
When you switch from landscape to vertical remember to press stop recording on your camera before you rotate your camera. Press start recording again once the camera has changed orientation.