ZERO Plastic in 360 Quick Connect Packaging

Living in Whistler, with the mountains and nature being close enough to touch it would be hypocritical to live somewhere so nice at the expense of people living elsewhere and having to deal with the refuse from our way of life. Plastic doesn't "Go Away" after we make the product.

Despite everyone’s best intentions, most plastic packaging doesn’t get recycled. With the Pacific Gyre growing every year, global warming destroying our glaciers, islands sinking and more around the world, as a company we want an eco-footprint as small as possible. The easiest way for us to do that was to be as green as possible in the manufacture of our products and to have no plastic in the packaging of our 360 Quick Connect products.  360 Quick Connect packaging is printed in Canada at Topline printing in Calgary, made with recycled paper, printed with vegetable oil ink, and is 100% plastic free.  

Instead of packaging our product in China, we decided to package all our product here in Whistler so that each order is packed just for you and so we have maximum flexibility. Right now we have no idea what bundle is going to be our best seller. This way we can package each order as it comes in and keep the waste to a minimum. 

Our products are shipped in bulk, without packaging, from China so that our carbon footprint is smaller and I can make my kids pack boxes and pay them in candy. Everyone wins!  An added benefit is when the kids go to school they can say they are professional boxers.






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