Virtually Indestructible GoPro Mounts Made of Holycarbonate

Since I started Pro Standard, all I've wanted to do was make the highest quality GoPro mounts and the highest quality GoPro accessories. We had to create our own formula of plastic to make that happen but the effort was worth it. That's how we came up with Holycarbonate, we were looking for an indestructible plastic to make our new 360 Quick Connect GoPro Accessories out of. We succeeded so spectacularly that we now are making all our products from Holycarbonate. Holycarbonate is part of the reason that 360 Quick Connect was named "Best New GoPro Accessory" by Mountain Life Magazine.

Corey Boux Pipe Master 360 Quick Connect GoPro Mount. GoPro Kayak Mount

The Problem We Were Trying To Solve
We've all been in this situation. Something amazing is happening and just as the shot that will be the all time shot is about to happen, your GoPro mount breaks and you miss the shot. All that time, money and effort wasted. Holycarbonate was created to solve this problem.

The Problem With All The Cheap Chinese  Knockoff GoPro Accessories
Most third party GoPro mounts and accessories are made with the cheapest polycarbonate that they can buy, especially if you are buying the Chinese knockoffs. It's why you can buy 45 piece accessory kits for a price that is essentially free. They break so easily you are basically just wasting your money on the product. Never mind the ecological footprint of throwing away the broken parts. Usually the broken mount situation isn't a great moment for recycling. Swearing, throwing and anger don't lend themselves to responsible actions. HAHAHAHA.  Cheap parts made of cheap plastic will let you down every time when you need them the most. Once you've missed the shot, suddenly that cheap part looks very expensive and the expensive accessory suddenly looks cheap when it never fails you. You spent time, money and effort to be in the perfect place at the perfect time to get the perfect shot. That's why Holycarbonate is so great. It's virtually indestructible. It is used in all our accessories so you won't be let down.

What is Holycarbonate?
Holy Carbonate is our own formula of polycarbonate. We've been working with out plastic supplier to get the exact combination of strength, resilience and price so that we could have virtually unbreakable products. Craig Gauld our engineer, (Im a pretendgineer) worked with our plastic supplier for months, dialing in the molecules to make the strength unbeatable but also the ability for the part to "Take a hit" and flex instead of shatter. That is the magic combination. When your GoPro mount gets hit you want it to be able to slightly flex to disperse the impact and not break. Craig nailed it. The plastic is so strong we could change our camera mount so you could make it even tighter than before.

What's With The Name, Holycarbonate?
It was a Batman moment. We won't deny it. We were smashing on 360 Quick Connect Pipe Master mount attached to a ski pole and couldn't break it. The Ski Pole broke before the mount did. One of us exclaimed "Holy Carbonate Batman!" A name and a legend was born. Holycarbonate is the best plastic ever used in a GoPro mount or accessory. No other company uses our formula. It makes for more expensive parts but you are getting a part that will never let you down when it matters. 


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