The Grill Mount in Greenland with Warren Miller Entertainment

I feel so lucky to have the amazing friends I have all over the world from snowboarding and traveling. Two good friends, Rob Kingwill the 1998 US Open Halfpipe Champion who also makes the amazing Avalon7 Face Shields and Seth Wescott, the two time Olympic SBX Champion and maker of Winterstick Snowboards went to Greenland to snowboard and film for the upcoming Warren Miller Entertainment movie, "Here, There and Everywhere. The Grill Mount was used a fair bit in filming some of the segment. I can't wait to see the movie if this is what it's looking like. 

Seth and Rob Hanging out after being dropped off by the helicopter for their next run, using the Grill Mount as a hand grip for their GoPro. They were also using new Pro Standard products that haven't dropped yet.

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