Rob Darden Riding BMX With The Grill Mount

I used to ride BMX vert a lot from 1978 - 1983 and was probably the best vert rider in Canada. I used to do shows in malls every so often. It was only randomness of the universe and three consecutive winters in a row via the Canada Australia Canada travel I did that I ended up a pro snowboarder instead of a pro vert rider.

Both sports were so small at the time that it was really more a case of "best hockey team in Alaska" sort of thing more than being a "pro".  

Rob Darden BMX

Thats why it makes me so stoked to see such amazing riding from the perfect POV angle that the Grill Mount gives you.  Sometimes I feel myself mentally pumping the tranny while watching legendary rider BMX riders like Anthony Napolitan and  Rob Darden's videos.  Thanks for using the Grill Mount when you ride, compete and do shows. It reminds me how good huge alley oops used to feel and shows me how good modern riding must feel.

Check Rob's video and get stoked   Then drop a follow on him

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