Pro Standard GoPro Accessories Look and Work Like Nothing Else Anyone Else Makes

I pride myself on Pro Standard's completely different take on GoPro accessories. My products look nothing like anyone else's. It's because I've done so many different things in my life and they all usually involve some form of shooting photos or video combined with having fun.


I've been a professional photographer since 1983.  A filmmaker since 1986 and a pro snowboarder from 1983 till about 1990.  Shooting pro snowboarders is a lot of fun.  I've traveled the world doing just that.  Dragging equipment around gets pretty old but the enjoyment of capturing amazing moments never does.


When I realized that I was carrying more equipment for my GoPro, the world's most versatile camera than I was for my DSLR, I knew I could add something to the GoPro experience that made it more fun to shoot and more fun to travel with less stuff. I didn't know I was going to invent what Mountain Life Magazine calls "the Best New GoPro Accessory".


GoPro mounts and accessories are great, they just aren't as versatile or indestructible as the camera. Knowing from experience that everything only happens once, I wanted to make accessories that kept you in the moment instead of always saying, "Hang on a second while I change mounts!"  

 Nik Herenga testing 360 Quick Connect Professional Grade GoPro mounts

The only way way to do that was rethink the GoPro accessories experience and start with the goal of every accessory being able to be used the maximum amount of different ways so that you have to change mounts the least amount of times to get the shots you want.  


Once I'd created the Grill Mount, the mount that Kris Jamieson the former Head of Global Education and Training at GoPro calls "The single overall greatest GoPro mount ever made", my next design job was to speed up and simplify the whole changing mounts experience so you could use more mounts without having to change the bolt on your camera. I wanted a consistency of connection.  Because, no matter how good the camera was, changing mounts sucked. 

 Pro Standard Makes Professional Grade Indestructible GoPro Accessories

The GoPro family of mounts didn't have a unified connection. Sometimes you had to use the cleat to change mounts and sometime you had to unbolt it. Changing mounts was a slow process.  It was such a hassle that lots of people who loved the camera stopped using it just because of that.  Too much hassle. Worst of all you only had four angles. 0°, 90°, 180° and 270°.  

 Pro Standard Makes Professional Grade Indestructible GoPro Accessories

So that was my design assignment. Unified connection experience, faster change and the ability to put your GoPro on any angle.  


A big thing I also wanted was durability. I was so tired of parts breaking right when you needed them most. We went through a lot of different materials before we ended up custom formulating our own material that had the characteristics we wanted. The ability to abuse it, treat it like dirt, flex instead of shatter, perform instead of fail.  360 Quick Connect parts are definitely the highest quality parts you can get for your GoPro. It's why I can give a lifetime warranty. 

Pro Standard Makes Professional Grade Indestructible GoPro Accessories 

It it took two years of R&D, and more prototypes and blind canyons to get to the 360 Quick Connect parts that are finally shipping out to the world. I had to explore every possibility to make sure that my way, 360 Quick Connect was the best, most efficient, effective and versatile way to achieve my design goal.  


I've succeeded. 360 Quick Connect is absolutely the best mounting system ever created for GoPro cameras.  Get yours now and change how you shoot.

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