Ken Achenbach Interview For Multiplicity in Whistler

I've been around forever and done a lot of really fun things that make me feel like I Forrest Gump my way through life. I grew up ski racing, skateboarding, riding vert on BMX, snowboarding, surfing and what ever else was going. I've been invited to speak about whatever I want so I'm doing my speech on how "Growing up skateboarding is the best thing ever" Taking the inspiration from people hating on you and turning it back in their faces to create amazing things like the first snowboard store in the world, the action sports summer camp, The Camp of Champions, that started it all by writing the blueprint for all camps to follow, creating sport changing products like the Twintip and the Baseless Binding and now Pro Standard and the Grill Mount and 360 Quick Connect.

Here's the interview.

If you want to come to the show and watch me ramble for 8 minutes, it's on the 9th of April.


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