Grill Mount 2.0 Coming July 1!

We're pleased to announce that the Grill Mount 2.0 is coming next week. The new Grill Mount features all new Holycarbonate construction for a virtually indestructible mount. If you bodyboard and have come down hard on your airs, you already know how great this is. 

The other change is we've finally gotten rid of the damn acorn nut and changed to the same design Micro T-Nut that we are using in the Super-Visor low profile under visor mount and 360 Quick Connect. Our Micro T-Nut is made of the highest quality Marine Grade Stainless Steel. 316 grade stainless. Now you don't have to worry about rusting or losing anything when you change between the Grill Mount and other GoPro mounts and accessories in your collection. You still need to rinse your Grill Mount and GoPro after any session in salt water because the GoPro bolt will rust.

We will be shipping all Grill Mount orders placed as of today Grill Mount 2.0 versions of the mount as soon as they arrive next week. So if you order before then you will notice a slight delay in our shipping your order.

The best gopro mouth mount the Grill Mount all new construction

The photo is a mock up of what the new Grill Mount 2.0 looks like.

Thanks for all the support,

Get stoked!


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