Cam Perfect Eliminates Guessing Your GoPro Shot Angle

Momma always said, “Life’s like shooting with a GoPro. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Until now. Use the Cam Perfect Markings for exact GoPro positioning. Re-create the perfect angle without an app or camera screen.

Cam Perfect Markings on the 360 Quick Connect GoPro Mounting System, The Best New GoPro Accessory

The Cam Perfect system was conceived as a way to increase the percentage of great shots you get from every shoot. Ken Achenbach has been a professional photographer for over 35 years. He knows from hard won experience that when it's "On" you only have a small window to nail it. Cam Perfect markings are designed to help you nail it.

Cam Perfect Markings on the Grill Mount. The Best GoPro Mouth Mount

Cam Perfect markings wrap the center tine of the 360 Quick Connect Camera Mount for GoPro cameras and the center tine of the Grill Mount mouth mount and handgrip. Numbering 1 - 6 on the front and back, no matter what angle you are looking at your mount from you can line up your shot and take note of the Cam Perfect number.  

360 Quick Connect and Cam Perfect Markings on Chromag MTB handlebars - The best new GoRro accessory

As you use the system more and shoot in varied situations, you'll quickly learn what Cam Perfect number you like your camera on for the shot you want for the situation you are in.

You'll get more usable shots from every shoot and you're less likely to get the "GoPro Letdown". That terrible feeling you get when you think you shot the greatest thing ever but when you look at your photo or footage, you realize you've cut off half of the excitement because your angle was off. Cam Perfect gets rid of the guess work.

360 Quick Connect Pipe Master Mount with Cam Perfect Markings on a Mountain Bike the best new gopro accessory

THe Best New GoPro Accessory - 360 Quick Connect

Pro Standard's Cam Perfect Marking system is just one of the amazing features of the new 360 Quick Connect GoPro Mounting System. 360 Quick Connect has been hailed as "The Best New GoPro Accessory" by Mountain Life Magazine.



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