Ken Achenbach POV of the 30th Annual Legendary Mt. Baker Banked Slalom

Ken Achenbach, the owner and product designer at Pro Standard was racing in the 30th Annual Legendary Mt Baker Banked Slalom over the weekend. Winning the Banked Slalom is winning the snowboard event that means more to the winner than winning the Olympics. That's a lot of winning in one sentence. That comparison is straight from the mouth of riders that have done both. The Olympics and X-Games are for the world at large to project their dreams and hopes and ideas onto for what snowboarding is. The Legendary Mt. Baker Banked Slalom is the event that is the heart and soul of snowboarding. Its the event snowboarders dream of winning. 

Steve Andrews Photo of Ken Achenbach at the 30th Annivcersary Mt. Baker Banked Slalom

This year was the first year that my daughter Kaia was down to forerun the event. It was pretty amazing to see your kid follow in your footsteps.

Kids Snowboarding Mt. Baker

We rented a motorhome and stayed in Harvey the RV, in the Mt Baker Parking lot.

Traeger Grills below Mt Shuksan Full moon

Waxing up in the morning with Luke Edgar.

Luke Edgar Traeger Grills Mt. Baker Banked Slalom

Warmed ourselves around the fire and ate amazing food from the Traeger Grills BBQ. If you haven't checked one out, do it now. 

Ken Achenbach Amy Howat Mt baker Banked Slalom

The best part about the Banked Slalom is hanging out with your friends that you've made over the years. It was amazing to ride with Boy Aggro, who I met at this event the very first year that it took place. Bob Klein, Keith Slasher Kimmel, Tom Burt, Terje Haakonson and so many other old friends was an amazing experience. Seeing Luke Edgar and Pete Saari on the podium with me in the Grand Master division where I placed third after the two legends, it was all time. At the end of the day there is nothing better than coming home to worship at the church that Mt. Baker, Duncan Howat, Amy and Gwyn Howat and everyone that participates has built.

That's why I was so stoked to win the duct tape trophy for third in the Men's Grand Master and to win the Carhart jacket for my win in the 1985 class.

Mt Baker banked Slalom Winner Jacket and Duct Tape Trophy

Thanks Gwyn, Amy, Duncan and everyone at Mt. Baker and in snowboarding for making the event so amazing. 

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