360 Quick Connect - Swapping GoPro Mounts in Seconds

It really doesn't get any easier to swap between GoPro mounts and accessories than it does using 360 Quick Connect accessories. No matter what GoPro mount or accessory you are using, there is a benefit to using the 360 Quick Connect System.

Tine Mounts

When you use a tine mount like you see on the tripod in the video below, you get the rotation and the true quick release that the GoPro system lacks. The rotational and pivot settings don't change when you change accessories.

Cleat Mounts

When you use a 360 Quick Connect GoPro Cleat Connector on your GoPro or 3rd party mount, you get true quick release and the ability to position the camera on any angle. 360 Quick Connect puts the camera positioning on the camera instead of on the mount. Due to how the system is designed, it doesn't matter what angle you mount your mount on, the 360 Quick Connect rotational ability lets you frame up your shot exactly how you want it.



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