360 Quick Connect Stainless Steel Hardware Arrives

Super stoked today. The stainless steel 360 Quick Connect hardware just arrived from our amazing factory in China.  I've had the pleasure of making more than a few things in my life but my own stainless hardware custom made to my specs is pretty up there on the epic scale.  And to answer your question, yes, I am playing with my stainless steel nuts   Does that make me Iron Balls McGinty? #TheJerk 

 We're only weeks away away from the molds being finished for the 360 Quick Connect plastic parts. 

 Stay tuned as 360 Quick Connect comes to life.

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  • So I was gifted an under visor mount with my new session 5 my question is I ride in the Shoei VFW and the visor has a sharp crease as the center line will your mount work? How?

    charles johnson

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