360 Quick Connect GoPro Accessories - Packaged in Whistler.

When it came time to package 360 Quick Connect parts I decided that to give Pro Standard the most flexible and green packaging options, that I should package everything in Whistler.  

360 Quick Connect for GoPro is the best new accessory for GoPro 

All our packaging has been arriving over the last few days from Topline Printing in Calgary and Color time printing in Vancouver so the folding, cutting, stuffing and taping has begun.  

Disco Disco packing 360 Quick Connect GoPro Accessories 

I'm really happy that I am sending out all our 360 Quick Connect products in 100% Plastic Free packaging. Instead of the parts being packaging in plastic bags, they are packed in coin envelopes with things I have said over the years printed on them.

My cat Ocho said she would be down to help all she has been doing is sleeping on the job.

Ocho the cat sleeping on the job instead of packing 360 Quick Connect Parts

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