360 Quick Connect On Your Bike - The Lightest, Fastest Mounting System For Your GoPro

360 Quick Connect was designed so you could change your GoPro between mounts quickly and easily so you could get better footage and photos. the Pipe Master Mount works amazing for every kind of biking. MTB, DH MTB, BMX, Road biking and more.

This video shows the Pipe Master Mount on the bars and seat rail of the new Chromag Bikes, Stylus, and how easy it is to swap the GoPro between the two positions.

Pro Standard Pipe Master GoPro Mount on Chromag handlebars

We call the Pipe Master a Leaverite mount because once you've mounted it, you'll tend to leaverite where you mounted it until the next time you need it.

Chromag bikes Stylus Pro Standard 360 Quick Connect Pipe Master Mount on a bike seat rail.

The 360 Quick Connect is the smallest, lightest, fastest GoPro mounting system in existence.  

The Pipe Master GoPro Mount on Chromag Handlebars

The Pro Standard Pipe Master GoPro mount on a Chromag bike saddle rail.

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