360 Quick Connect = More Angles = More Usable Footage = Better Video

With 360 Quick Connect parts on your selfie stick, you get 2-axis GoPro positioning so you can put your camera on any angle to you get more usable shots every time you shoot. More usable shots = better video and photos. By rotating the @GoPro on the mounting post can frame up the shot any way you like. I like framing the shot so I'm at the back or the left in this case so you get more of a sense of where I'm going, the world around me and what's coming at me.

360 Quick Connect GoPro accessories are compatible with every #GoPro product, GoPole XSories SP Gadgets GoWorx and any other third party GoPro Mount.
Free shipping on Pre-orders.

2-axis composition with Pro Standard 360 Quick Connect GoPro Accessories

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