360 Quick Connect - Bad Housekeeping

Anyone who uses a Dremel tool in their kitchen is a bad housekeeper. So with Bad Housekeeping, one of my favorite 80's Calgary bands, supplying the soundtrack, I show you the mods I am making to the first production run of 360 Quick Connect camera mounts.

We put in a plastic stopper to prevent people from over tightening the camera mount, because the original material we were making the mounts out of wasn't as strong as we'd hoped. So we put the stopper in, in case we didn't get our custom formulation down in time for the first production run. In the end we got the custom formulation exactly right and the new plastic is so strong we don't need the stoppers any more. Basically you can't over tighten the mount any more. So I get to grind off the stopper with a Dremel tool and then file them so they look nice. It's mellow, there's only HUNDREDS of them.Yay science! Yay sales! Yay The Best New GoPro Accessory.

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