360 Quick Connect GoPro Accessories Packaging Is 100% Plastic Free

Plastic packaging sucks.  All you have to do is go to Bali and see a paradise drowning in plastic waste or see whale wash up on shore filled with plastic to never want to add to that problem. So we went to great lengths to make sure that our eco footprint is as small as possible even if it cost more. You have to put your money where your mouth is to see any change. Or at least start a change. First we made the plastic parts as indestructible as possible so they last as long as possible. Then we went to work on traditional packaging. Skipping the little ziplock bags and plastic trays and boxes that everyone else seems to be proud of, we made all our 360 Quick Connect packaging, 100% plastic free, which we are very proud of. 

Pro Standard Professional Grade GoPro Accessories

The Pacific Gyre is growing every year and now plastic waste has even started showing up in the arctic.  No matter how well intentioned we are a huge percentage (80%) of plastic packaging ends up not getting recycled  

 Pro Standard Professional Grade GoPro Accessories 100% Plastic Free Packaging

Ignorance is is bliss but ignorance is also complicity. So as a brand and a person I couldn't be a part of the problem. So when it came time to create and design the packaging for the 360 Quick Connect, the best new GoPro accessory, there was no decision. We were going plastic free. 

 Pro Standard Professional Grade GoPro Accessories

All our packaging for the 360 Quick Connect GoPro mounting system is 100% plastic free and printed on recycled paper with vegetable oil ink. All our sayings printed on the paper parts bags we used to replace the ziplock bags that traditionally get used, are Kenism's collected from my friends when asked for "What kind of dumb stuff have I said over the years that are either inspirational or funny or both. We ended up with these three. There were more than a few others saved for round two. #Lulusfromkenmon #stretch #badjokesarefree


The packaging is also printed in Canada at Topline Printing in Calgary. Everything is packaged in Whistler so that all our parts can be shipped in bulk from China to save space on shipping so less fuel is used to get us our epic GoPro accessories. 

 Pro Standard Professional Grade GoPro Accessories 100% Plastic Free Packaging

The shipping boxes we use we use to get you your order make us stoked every time we ship parts out.  We use cardboard takeout food boxes from Earth Pak.  We designed the 360 Quick Connect packaging to nest inside the takeout container.  We couldn't stand the over packaged corrugated cardboard box that is the standard shipping container.  The take out box is perfectly strong enough to keep your Grill Mount or 360 Quick Connect parts safe in the mail.  Best of all our shipping box is so light we can ship two Grill Mounts to you for the same price. 

Thanks to Jamie Lynn for the art and Amy, Gwynn and everyone at Mt. Baker for putting on the Banked Slalom where I won the art these photos feature.

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