The Grill Mount - The Best Mouth Mount For GoPro

The Grill Mount - The Best Mouth Mount For GoPro
Get the Grill Mount, it’s the GoPro mouth mount the pros use to stack clips with the angle you and your friends want to see. Heat molded mouth guard design creates unmatched comfort, fit and filming stability. Breathe and speak like there’s nothing in your mouth. Now with patent pending “Cam Perfect” markings that let you recreate a perfect positioning from a previous session. Learn the perfect position for every wave. Out of the water it's the smallest most convenient handgrip and mini tripod for your GoPro. It's so small it fits in your pocket with your GoPro attached. It's such a multi functional mount it will be the mount that lives on your GoPro. Works with every GoPro Camera and case, including the GoPro Hero 4 Session.

Design Features Exclusive To The Grill Mount

  • The only mouth mount with an airway that can be closed - airways on mouth mounts with a snorkel mouthpiece style can't be closed
  • The only mouth mount with a heat molded custom fit for ultimate comfort.
  • The only mouth mount that lets you breathe normal no matter how hard you are breathing
  • The only mouth mount that allows you to talk normally.
  • "Cam Perfect" markings allow for perfect and repeatable GoPro positioning every time.
  • The only mouth mount that works equally well as a hand grip.
  • The smallest most convenient hand grip for your GoPro - Together, your GoPro and the Grill mount fit in your pocket.
  • The smallest most convenient tripod for your GoPro.
  • Works as a hook mount.

CLICK HERE to find out more design specs that will show you why the Grill Mount is the pros choice as the best mouth mount for GoPro cameras.