The Grill Mount 2.0 Specifications

The Grill Mount 2.0 Specifications

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"NUMBER ONE GOPRO MOUNT FOR 2103, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 2019, 2020, 2021"


"The Grill Mount is the single overall greatest camera mount of all time"
- Kris Jamieson - Former GoPro Global Manager of Education and Training 

The Best Way to Film on a Bike
-Francis Cade - Youtube Star.

The Pro Standard Grill Mount. The number one GoPro mouth mount. Shown with the GoPro Hero 9

"This mount can basically replace all the mounts you currently have" 
GoPro Tips and Tricks 

The Grill Mount - Superior Design & Performance

The Pro Standard Grill Mount. The number one GoPro mouth mount. the White version is shown with the GoPro Hero 9

When I designed the Grill Mount, I wanted one GoPro accessory that could do 90% of what I wanted, because I hate changing mounts almost as much as I hate carrying much more than my GoPro. The Grill Mount has been designed to be the smallest, lightest, most multi-functional mount ever made for GoPro. Which is probably why The Grill Mount keeps getting called “The best mount ever”. 

The Grill Mount is really “The Everything Mount” in addition to being the pro’s favorite mouth mount; it’s also a tripod, multi-position handgrip, hook/clamp mount, bottle mount, wall mount and more.

The Grill Mount's unbeatable “feel” that has users raving, came to be through being sculpted into existence by combining the latest in 3D software and 3D printing technology. With feedback from our team of surfer, snowboarder, skier, biker, photographer and filmmaker co-creators, I never stopped continually refining the Grill Mount’s shape until I felt that I had created the most ultimate multi purpose mount ever made for your GoPro. 

Ken Achenbach
Pro Standard  Founder/Designer

 The Grill Mount is protected by Patent 9,395,603 B2.

Here's what GoPro Tips and Tricks thinks of the Grill Mount.


Breathe, Talk & Duck Dive Normally

The Grill Mount is the only mouth mount that lets you breathe and talk normally. Getting a full breath and not having an open hole in the mount when you duck dive is everything. You can forget you even have the Grill Mount in your mouth. Being able to talk lets you use the Voice Control feature on the GoPro Hero 7, Hero 6, Hero 5 & Hero 5 Session. You can also yell, so you can call people off your waves.

Using your back teeth to hold the Grill Mount allows for completely normal breathing. Instead of using your front teeth to grip a breath blocking dam design that the snorkel mouthpiece style mounts, the Grill Mount bite pads are in line with your molars, with nothing blocking air flow. You get your full, normal breathing flow. You never get the "can't get enough air" feeling as you are not sucking wind through a small hole in a snorkel mouthpiece and only getting a partial breath. The Grill Mount lets you breathe normally, no matter how heavy the session.

The Pro Standard Grill Mount. The number one GoPro mouth mount. Shown with the GoPro Hero 9

Performance Enhancing Custom Heat Molded Fit


Research from various High Performance Sports Institutes shows that molded mouth guard style appliances increase balance by 20% while simultaneously increasing strength while decreasing the chance of concussions. In other words, get banger footage and surf better. Maybe. The custom fit is just another one of the reasons more big wave surfers like Laurie Towner, Darrick Doerner, Tommy Butts and Kitesurf legends Keahi De Aboitiz, Evan Netsch and what feels like every team member on Cabrinha, dirt jumpers Anthony Napolitan and Ryan Nyquist and so many others swear by the Grill Mount. Paddle, Duck Dive, Film and Surf

The curved spine is designed for easy “grab ability” for changing your shot mid wave. You can also palm the mount and pinch the spine between your fingers to paddle and film. The red bite pads cushion your rails when duck diving.


Rock Solid Rigid Unibody Design = No Bouncy Footage

Cpmosher Grill Mount GoPro Mouth Mount

The Grill Mount was designed to be the rock solid filming platform you need for epic adventures. A rigid unibody construction featuring heat moldable food grade EVA bite pads. With a perfect heat molded fit plus the stability and leverage that holding the mount with your back teeth provides, you have the best platform for shooting GoPro POV footage that looks like it was shot using a gimbal.

The Grill Mount was designed to put your GoPro as close as possible to the pivot point of your head and neck, keeping camera movement to a minimum. Your head is a natural 3-axis gimbal. Camera movement is 1/6th of that of a helmet mount. Grill Mount footage is so much noticeably smoother that it’ll make your friends think it was filmed using a 3-axis gimbal. Whether you are charging through the curtain, getting doused by the lip, bouncing along on a mountain bike, dirt bike, BMX, jetski or ATV your GoPro footage remains rock solid because the camera does not move. At all.


Fits In Your Pocket - Carry Your GoPro With One Finger 

There’s so many different ways to conveniently hold and use your Grill Mount, including with just one finger, that soon you will find it is the mount that lives on your GoPro and replaces 90% of all your most used accessories. Note: It does not replace a drone

The Grill Mount was designed to fit in your hand and pocket as well as it fits in your mouth. The curved ergonomic shape is the secret to how well it works as a grip and how it easily slides into your pocket. The Grill Mount has been sculpted to slide in and out of your pocket without hanging up. The Grill Mount is the only handle or grip that fits completely in your pocket with the camera still attached. Now you can take your GoPro everywhere.

Hands Free Filming

Doing something that doesn’t require a helmet or you don’t like the Teletubby look of a camera on your helmet? The Grill Mount is perfect.  Skate, snowboard, kiteboard, SUP, wakeboard, ski, fish, horseback ride, mountain bike, bike, hike, jetski, bodyboard, bodysurf, hunt, play with your kids; the list of ways you’ll find to use your Grill Mount will amaze you. The Grill Mount was designed to hang below the jaw of full face helmet so you can use it for anything.

Cam Perfect™

With a GoPro, never knowing exactly what you are going to get is half the fun... until you miss the wave of your life because you had your GoPro at the wrong angle. The “Cam Perfect™” markings helps you get your GoPro in the exact same position every time. The more you use the Grill Mount, the more you learn the perfect Cam Perfect™ setting you want your GoPro on for each size wave or situation. Never miss a shot or an epic session again. 



Ultra Light Weight

Weighing 19 grams/.67oz it floats with your GoPro® Floaty Backdoor. The Grill Mount folds over your GoPro® Floaty Backdoor, as well as any GoPro® case or frame. The Grill Mount has been sculpted to slide in and out of your pocket without hanging up. It’s the only handle or grip that fits completely in your pocket with the camera still attached. Now you can take your GoPro everywhere.






Fits Every GoPro Model & Action Camera That Uses The GoPro Mounting System

The Grill Mount also works natively with Rylo, One X, and every other brand of action camera that uses the GoPro mounting system.

Zero Waste Packaging

Once we switched to selling direct on Amazon and here on our site exclusively, it was easy to ditch the plastic in our packaging. Doing online only sales, we didn’t have to catch your eye in the store. No one was going to see the Grill Mount on a shelf, a display case or a rack. We also changed the size of the box to as small and minimalist as possible. Smaller box also means smaller amount of oil used to ship our boxes.

We are so incredibly proud that all our products now have Zero Waste packaging. Once you receive your Grill Mount and unbox it, recycle the box and you’ve done your bit.

Grill Mount 2.0 Step Ups In Performance

Virtually Indestructible Holy Carbonate Construction
Ken's searched for two years to find the perfect polycarbonate plastic. The plastic needed to flex instead of shatter. It needed to be impervious to cold or temperature changes and be the most durable.  When we couldn't find a plastic that met our specific design parameters, we created our own.

Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hardware
We designed our own marine grade micro t-nut to replace the acorn nut. Super smooth, and light and because it's the highest grade available of stainless steel, it will never rust. That doesn't mean you shouldn't rinse your gear when you get out of the ocean. If you don't rinse your GoPro, the GoPro bolt will rust. 

Changed Injection Point For a Stronger Part
The Grill Mount 2.0 mold had the injection point changed so that the 2.0 would be incredibly stronger than the 1.0.

Pro Standard Grill Mount Lifetime Warranty

Good luck breaking the 2.0. If you do manage to somehow break it, let us know, the Grill Mount has a Lifetime Warranty