Pro Standard 360 Quick Connect GoPro SUP Kayak Bundle

360 Quick Connect 4 Piece SUP Kayak Bundle-GoPro Compatible

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 360 Quick Connect attaches to all GoPro mounts and accessories for an instant versatility, durability and high performance upgrade.

No matter how epic the session, you need more than one angle to keep your video interesting. Rotate the camera to position yourself anywhere in the frame. You can rotate the camera with a twist of your wrist to frame your shot anyway you like. 360 Quick Connects compositional freedom enables you to get the best shots ever.  Bring where you are into every frame. Get your self out of the center.

User Feedback

"As a professional cinematographer who specializes in documentary television, I use GoPros a lot to get angles and shots that other cameras can't.  The Pro Standard mounting system is legitimately the best system I have found for the action camera ecosystem.  The amount of time I save when having to move and remount cameras is phenomenal.  No more unscrewing thumbscrews, just flip the latch and it's off.  Plus the lifetime warranty is amazing.  In over 2 years, I've only had one mount fail and the company sent me out a brand new replacement the same day.  You can't really ask for better service than that.  I highly recommend this mount system not just for professionals like myself, but for anyone who uses action cameras.  Once you use them, you'll never go back."   

Tyler Mann - Austin TX

Pro Standard 360 Quick Connect GoPro SUP Kayak Bundle

The GoPro SUP Kayak Bundle Includes:

1 - 360 Quick Connect GoPro Compatible Camera Mount
1 - 360 Quick Connect Pipe Master Mount
1 - 360 Quick Connect GoPro Cleat Connector
1 - 360 Quick Connect Webbing Sticky Mount

How To Mount and Use 360 Quick Connect

  1. Mount the Pipe Master mount to your paddle. Put your GoPro on an angle so you get a better shot.
  2. Use the GoPro Cleat adapter with any previously purchased GoPro Cleat accessory.
  3. Mount the Webbing Sticky Mount directly to your SUP or Kayak or to your PFD using the webbing of your PFD.
  4. Clean the board or kayak / canoe so the mounting area is as clean as you can make it. Where you mount your Webbing Sticky Mount needs to be clear of wax, dirt, grime etc.
  5. Heat the back the Webbing Sticky Mount slightly with a hair dryer for an even stronger bond. Press and hold the mount in place until boredom overcomes the thrill of a bonding moment with your surfboard.
  6. Attach your GoPro or action cam to the 360 Quick Connect Camera Mount. 
  7. Use the Micro-Adjustable Rotational Tension Dial to set the rotational tension. You probably want it pretty close to tight or just barely able to rotate the camera by twisting the camera on the mount.
  8.  Go shoot something epic. Remember to rotate the angle every so often so your shots have greater variety.
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