360 Quick Connect 4 Piece Bike Bundle-GoPro Compatible

360 Quick Connect 4 Piece Bike Bundle-GoPro Compatible

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 360 Quick Connect attaches to all GoPro mounts and accessories for an instant versatility, durability and high performance upgrade.

Shoot better GoPro biking videos with 360 Quick Connect GoPro accessories. Mount the Pipe Master mount on your bars, seat post, seat rails or frame and swap your GoPro between them with only one hand.

User Feedback

"Every season, we use 360 Quick Connect accessories on the yacht when we shoot Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Down Under. They are the single most useful GoPro mount we have ever used. 360 Quick Connect mounts let us get angles we couldn't otherwise get. The speed that we can set them up and change angles is incredible. Our production crew says they could never go back to shooting with regular GoPro mounts."

Nadine Rajabi - Executive Producer - Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Down Under

"As a professional cinematographer who specializes in documentary television, I use GoPros a lot to get angles and shots that other cameras can't.  The Pro Standard mounting system is legitimately the best system I have found for the action camera ecosystem.  The amount of time I save when having to move and remount cameras is phenomenal.  No more unscrewing thumbscrews, just flip the latch and it's off.  Plus the lifetime warranty is amazing.  In over 2 years, I've only had one mount fail and the company sent me out a brand new replacement the same day.  You can't really ask for better service than that.  I highly recommend this mount system not just for professionals like myself, but for anyone who uses action cameras.  Once you use them, you'll never go back."   

Tyler Mann - Austin TX

360 Quick Connect GoPro Bike Bundle

Changing mounts or camera angles with one hand makes it easy to get multiple angles. One handlebar sized clamp, one smaller diameter clamp and a GoPro Cleat connector for your helmet is included.  360 Quick Connect allows you to rotate the camera on their bars to face forward down the trail or towards yourself with a quick twist of the camera. No need to take the mount off to change the angle. You don’t even need to stop riding, so your Strava time stays golden.

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We're so sure that you'll love our GoPro mounts and accessories that we offer a money back guarantee if you don't and a lifetime warranty for when you love our products to death.

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